Have a Facebook Business Page because you feel obligated to? So you’ve heard the platform has over 1.440 billion monthly active users, right? Who wouldn’t want access to that audience? But how do you make the most of your presence there? Well, here are a few ideas.

Getting to Know You

“Imagine you are looking to hire a consultant. You clicked on an ad and land on the website. It all looks nice and well taken care of but the “about” page and a photo of the consultant are nowhere to be found…” explains Christina Baldasarre, Social Media Consultant and contributor at Entrepreneur. A business that relates to it’s customers, that builds relationships with them, earns a better bottom line. You don’t want to be faceless behind the business front. Answer? Show behind-the-scenes photos. Be personable. Give back-stage-passes to your business. Customers will love you more for it.

How to Do a How-To

First, get videos for your business. Then, put them on your Facebook page, but not via YouTube. Videos that are directly uploaded to Facebook (not embedded from YouTube) can be put into playlists. “Show off how-to tutorials, new product features, instructions, a behind-the-scenes video series and more, all while showing up better on people’s timelines,” says Baldassarre. Uploaded this way, viewers find your videos easier to see. Therefore your video is more likely to be watched.

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

Another tip from Baldassarre: “Give people a reason to come back to your Facebook page timeline. Share giveaways and special offers that expire within 24 hours of posting. If you have already grown engagement on your page successfully, try sooner expiration times such as 60 minutes or have people vote a winner among submissions of fans (e.g. the best selfie with the product).” Extras motivate interaction on your page. Exclusive offers drive traffic back to you.


On Your Mark, Get Set, Go!

People spend a lot of time on Facebook. It’s entertaining. Use humor and a funny image to run a caption contest. Keep fans happy and busy while attracting new people. Discounts, freebies and vouchers can be nice, but they aren’t necessary.

Real Deal

You are a real person, working in your business. Act like a real person. Interact with other Facebook pages. Comment as your page everywhere you find helpful. Like your employees’ pages. Like businesses you work and collaborate with. Who doesn’t like free cross-promotion? Helpful note from Baldassare: “Any pages you like with your own page can be displayed on the left hand side as vertical tab.” Nice visibility.

Welcome to the Club

Your Facebook page represents a community. Let them know what is happening with your page so they feel a part of it. “Use Google Analytics and post updates what geographic region new fans are from. That increases chances that these fans feel addressed and click like or comment,” notes Baldasarre, “…which then results in your post on their timelines. More each increases the chances to get more likes and in this case, you might get a like simply because someone it from the same town.”

Worth Considering

Any business focused on more than a few customers will find creating a custom tab. This requires some programming, but when you have it ready, it pays you back big time: “Integrate live chat, billing, policies, shipping information, your background story, subscriptions, signups for upcoming events, webinars and downloadable content such as e-books or case studies.”

Testing. Testing. 1, 2, 3

If you have fewer than big-company-10,000-likes, start a simple schedule and post regularly. “Post every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at a specific time of the day with specific kind of content, such as photos on Tuesday and Friday, long text on Thursday. After two to four weeks, switch one weekday out with another (e.g. Monday instead of Tuesday) and see what performs better.”

One Stop Shop

Show that you are multi-dimentional in your social media. Facebook users are also fans of other sites, and, since they already like you, are likely to enjoy seeing your business elsewhere. “Add Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and other tabs to your Facebook page to give potential customers and fans a holistic overview of your corporate culture and brand,” explains Baldassarre. Nothing like having your Facebook page be a one-stop destination to meet the needs of your customers, right?


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