If you haven’t heard, on April 21st 2015, Google is going to exclude your website from mobile searches if it’s not mobile friendly. There’s really nothing to worry about if you’ve been on top of your game. That means, if you care about the experience that the users are having on your website, then this shouldn’t be a big deal. Really. Go put your URL in the little box and click the button to see if Google thinks that your website passes muster.

Your Problem Really Is…

If it doesn’t, the big change happening on April 21st isn’t your problem. Your problem is that you haven’t been catering to the mobile crowd visiting your website. Which means if they’re still coming, you should cater to them. Paying attention to those people visiting your site on mobile devices, you’ll get more sales, leads, conversions, whatever it is that they’re going after on your website.

Drawing The Line

And if you haven’t been caring for your mobile visitors, Google’s basically drawing a line in the sand saying “It’s time. It’s time to cater better to your customers.” And if you’re not, we’re just going to exclude you from the customers that you haven’t been catering to anyway.

It’s All About Your Customers

All of this internet marketing is about the execution. It’s about the bling, it’s the recipe, it’s not just SEO, or social media, or website development, or Bing mobile, or having an app. It’s about the blend. What are you trying to accomplish? If you’re making chocolate chip cookies and somebody tells you that baking is all about pineapples now – well chocolate chip cookies are your thing. Pineapples don’t belong on chocolate chip cookies.

Do you know what Mobilegeddon is going to cost you?


You’ve Already Been Losing Out If…

It doesn’t matter at this point, because if you haven’t been catering to the mobile section of your audience coming to your website, you have no idea what your lost opportunity cost is. Go onto Google Analytics and take a look and see what it is that you’re missing. How many people are coming to your website and using it for mobile devices? How are they getting to your site? What pages are they landing on, and more importantly, where are they dropping off? Is your mobile traffic converting? How is it doing in comparison with your desktop traffic?

You Are Being Taken Advantage Of

The other side of this is really really making me angry is the amount of creative houses and search engine optimization agencies and website design agencies, if those exist in and of themselves anymore, are taking advantage of this. I’m on all sorts of lists. All of these proclaimed gurus that are putting out “How to do this” on YouTube, how to get things to rank, because this is the business I’m in and I’m trying to keep up a pulse on what my competition and what other people in my industry are doing. Have you gotten and email saying something like this? “Look, if we don’t get your website up to date by the 21st you’re going to get really hurt.” If you have, you should seriously consider the quality of your agency.


Mobile Traffic Has Been Relevant For A Long Time

Where were they before Google made this announcement? Why is this a big deal now? Your web guy or agency or friends son who lives in the basement and is really good with computers hasn’t been taking care of your website’s mobile compatibility up until now, you need to fire them and find somebody who will because Google’s announcement is just a house cleaning item. Mobile traffic has been very very relevant for a really long time. Depending on the industry you’re in, possibly more than half of the traffic (especially in the search engines that are looking for what it is that you have to offer) are using mobile devices, tablets, and phones.

Sales Pitches & The Quick Buck

I’m having Facebook ads targeted at me because I’m in the digital marketing space telling me that I can make thousands and thousands of dollars off of my clients by announcing mobilegeddon, and telling them that they need to get their website up to date. The whole internet marketing community is laughing at you business owners because they can make a quick buck. I got three separate emails from 3 separate self-proclaimed gurus last week, showing me how they made $5,000 in less than 24 hours, and all they did was email their client list, saying “Your website’s in trouble.”

Are You Taking Care Of Your Customers?

Rest assured, anybody that’s been receiving service from my agency have been hounded and bothered for years about being mobile compatible. Again, this is not about April 21st, 2015. This is about how well you are taking care of your audience. Do you care enough about your customers and your prospects to actually give them user experience that will make them choose you over the competition every single time? Google is just now mirroring, in an algorithmic way how they think that your audience is already responding. They don’t want to send their mobile users to terrible websites. And there are enough mobile-compatible websites out there now, in most niches that they can afford to just blow you off.

Helping You Out

Now that I’m done ranting, I want to give you something that can help you figure out how important and how dire this is. It’s for you and your website. I put together a little piece of information over the weekend. If you’re on a desktop device, all you have to do is click on my face. If you’re on a mobile device, that YouTube feature doesn’t work. (A Google-owned company, by the way. I know – ironic.) If you’re on a mobile device, just wait until the video’s over then tap on the link below to get you this helpful information. This advice tells you what you need to do next to be competition-ready the 21st, and onward.


Now that you have some perspective on Mobilegeddon, you know what the real question is: Are you taking care of all your customers?

See the video on YouTube here.