Brand managers are rushing to produce video. No wonder, as other trends come and go, online video marketing is constant and growing. However, when it comes to making video, too many get it wrong. Weak video doesn’t just sit neutrally either. Poorly made video can damage your brand.

Don’t make video while trying to cut corners. Production value matters. Just ask Chris Anderson of TED Talks why it’s lectures became a huge success, when other lecture-style video content had been around so much longer. Chris explained that they “treat each presentation like a music video — great lighting, different camera angles, engaging graphics, audio mixing, etc.” Hiring professional can actually save you money and time. The pros do what they do best, and faster, while you can focus on the big picture, getting more done yourself.

Making a video because it’s something to do or just pass the time? Fail. Know your audience clearly and talk to them specifically, or you are wasting your (and everyone else’s) time.

Tell a compelling story. Heard that before? Not enough? Tell a compelling story. “Find sympathetic characters, highlight their conflicts and journeys and end with a powerful conclusion.”

“Let’s make a video.” Great idea. Now, what (and who) for? Even having good video isn’t a victory. Is your target audience watching it? Do you have the location reserved and your video placed where they are? Location, location… you know the rest of the phrase. Are you applying it?

“Be sure to ask and answer these five questions in order:

  • Who is our audience?
  • What will do with it?
  • Can we afford to hire someone?
  • What story will we tell?


  • How can we drive up the production value?”

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