Twitter doesn’t always take priority in many companies’ social media strategies. Yet the platform is considered by many to be one of the three important “core” pieces of social media, along with Instagram and Facebook. Yes, please pay attention to your tweets.

Selected Quality

“With over 302 million active users, Twitter is a platform you shouldn’t miss out on,” explains Nathan Resnick of Yes Man Watches. “Grow your Twitter presence through compelling content.” Resnick’s company prefers to tweet motivational and inspiring thoughts. Taco Bell goes with comedy: “Time will heal a broken heart, but Taco Bell will heal it faster.” What ever content you choose, make sure it aligns with your brand. Base your tweets around your company’s core competencies. Take care not to waste your followers’ time with anything less than great content. Quality builds your audience, while the opposite chases them away. Keep this in mind as you follow the next recommendations.


Tweet at least once a day. Show a constant, dependable presence. As a business, there really isn’t a limit. Consider how much competition you have, how many posts each organization makes, and determine how quickly one of your tweets disappears. “When I worked on the Twitter account for Kickstarter Success,” says Resnkick, “…we would often tweet once every five minutes, as our target market of crowdfunding was packed with new projects waiting to gain exposure. With the help of the crowdfunding community, we grew to 200,000-plus followers in just over a year.”

#, Retweet and “Favorite”

Find content based on hashtags. Find new people and organizations to follow. Expand your circles. “Favorite”-ing (yes, it’s a verb) often catches that person’s attention. If you find you are doing lots of favorite-ing and feel it growing tedious, automate it with platforms like that still allow you to interact with real people at the same time you grow your twitter following.

Interact With Your Followers

Responding to what people are saying is just as important as your original tweet. People appreciate conversations with individuals and companies that listen. Ever had a one-way conversation? And how long did you stick around? Respond to your followers comments in a timely manner. Consider this an extention of the company’s customer support. “For example, Delta Airlines uses the handle @DeltaAssist to manage customer questions.”

Catch Trends

“One of the best ways to integrate your brand into the Twitter community is by voicing your opinion on trends,” suggests Resnick. “To see what’s trending on Twitter, simply go to the homepage and look in the bottom left. If a trend catches your eye, I suggest tweeting what you think about it.”

We’re Waiting

Twitter should be an essential part of your marketing strategy. By Interacting with your Twitter followers, you increase their awareness of you and your business. By providing consistent, quality content, your follower’s loyalty to you will grow. Expand your influence. If you aren’t on Twitter yet, over 302 Million people are waiting for you.

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