… will be a laughable concept in the near-future when obtaining and keeping customers. If it isn’t already. The marketing future’s core “battelground” will be in the digital experience consumers have while working with you. That cuts through all the external techniques, social media how-to’s and flashing click-here banners. The future of your success will be exactly this: Your interaction with your customer.

“Many organizations operate websites which are less effective than they should be, often confusing and frustrating customers. …Businesses and organizations of all kinds haven’t connected with their customers online as they should.”

Have you thought through the following?

  • How your potential customer thinks when they are on your website
  • Conversion, what it is and why it is central to all website activities
  • Customer journey planning
  • How e-commerce principles apply to all websites
  • Design patterns
  • Mobile agility

This in mind, what is your customer’s experience with your website?

Source: http://digitalmarketinginstitute.com/topics/user-experience-design