“But my audience is everybody!” The more potential customers, the better, right? Uh, NO. If your approach is “everyone”, then you have not done near enough work, research and planning. Let’s do a quick general Marketing 101 review, shall we? The goal of all marketing is to “get the right message to the right person at the right time.” You need to identify who your audience is (laser-precise, if possible) and how you can best connect with them.

First, who are you?

What factors make your business unique? What is your business’ mission, it’s goals, and it’s future? Second, who values those assets that make you unique? Who supports the type of mission you have? What type of people are likely to be there with you for the long-haul? Determining what criteria you will use to define your target audience is important. Define basic demographics like age, gender, or geography. What are the matching beliefs, opinions, attitudes, and intentions of your customers?

Interest vs. Action

You don’t just want people who are interested in what you offer, you want people who will take action. Lollygaggers are not allowed. What do your future actual-paying-customers want from you?

Can’t see the forest or the trees?

Many of us in business are simply too close to see clearly. Yes, we always promote ourselves in a positive manner, but how often do you put yourself in your customers’ shoes? They don’t know what you know. I can’t tell you how many times I have seen many make mistakes because they assume their customers know everything the business owner does. See through new eyes. Look for potential weaknesses, misunderstandings, and the sometimes offensive that might be hidden (or obvious) to your clients. If you can’t see them, ask your audience. Then address and resolve these things quickly.

Meet your customer where they are.

The best channels to use are what your audience uses. Which social media channels? Which networking groups? How does word of mouth travel within these circles?

Whittling By Chainsaw When Appropriate

This may sound backwards, but your goal should be to eliminate as many people from your “target” as possible. When you finally do put the effort into your marketing and advertising towards your carefully chosen target group, you will cut out all irrelevant and unimportant. You minimize waste. Your results will show greater success compared to effort (and cost) extended.

Are We Done Yet?

So your marketing campaign is complete, and it was successful. Congrats! Now you’ve found something that works, you stick with it and do it over and over again, right? Nope. Do not assume your work is done. Every experience is a learning experience that provides you feedback on how to do it better next time. Like you constantly improve yourself and your business, constantly improve your marketing by refining who the “right” customer is for you.

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