Are you a marketer who is comfortable in your own zone and culture? Like the status quo? That’s unfortunate, because your marketing skills are growing dull. Marketers who improve and succeed show “a healthy sense of curiosity”. They want to know: What makes people tick? How does it apply to my organization?

Travel Is An Excellent Way To Expand Your Perspective

When you see people doing things differently, you have the freedom and opportunity to ask and question everything. You become better at what you do. You understand others better. You get inspired to start new ideas yourself.

Sharpen Your Core Skills

Get comfortable spending more time asking questions. If you are too worried about looking stupid, and you keep yourself from asking “why”, then you might as well have stayed home. Get past your fear and discomfort. As they say, if you aren’t scared, you aren’t doing it right.


Assuming one market is like another is a recipe for failure. “You shouldn’t expect markets to follow or catch up on trends from Western Europe or the US.” Spend the time searching what is new in the area you want to market. Do your homework! (Yes, Mom.)

The Why Behind It

First example: Trends in Asia are towards big size mobiles. This doesn’t equate to the US automatically wanting big mobiles too. So why is Asia so big on “big”? Part of the reason is that keying in characters and demanding more space than Western alphabets. This motivation doesn’t equate in other markets. But then larger mobiles give a richer mobile experience that resulted in keeping users online longer, which is something that will be desirable in other markets. “Spotting what’s happening and thinking hard about ‘why’ is key to getting and staying ahead.”

Second example: Sina Weibo has been called the Twitter of China, with huge usage and penetration. The limit for a post is 140 characters, but this is nowhere near the equivalent in communication to the US and Europe’s Twitter. When “an individual character can communicate an entire word or concept, this is a rich and full paragraph”, the difference is huge on what the platform can be used for, and how marketing can be done through it. Twitter is not a parallel to Weibo, because the language of Weibo’s users can do so much more.

The Cloud Theory

Now that you are seeing how people do things differently, and why, you can see your own organization in a new light. Next you question your own how’s and why’s, and seek for something better. What’s the difference in a cloud from one side to the other? Your perspective, your understanding, and your experience. Go get in an airplane and see another side.


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