Just ask Gary Vaynerchuk about Samsung. “Marketers just like to market”. It’s your basic cycle: 1. Grab someone’s attention, 2. Tell them your story, and 3. Sell them your product. Done over and over, pushing in whatever way possible. As long as we get the view, visit, click, or the buy, we can then equate success. “Math people just like numbers.” The higher the percentage rate per click, per conversion, or ROI numbers, then we have success. Or have we?

Truth is, marketers have ruined a lot of opportunities with thoughtless pushing. Back in the day when email was new, we read every word of every email. Who does that today? What kind of email ROI percentages did we have then? What has changed? With the constant bombardment and filtering of today, marketers and math people believe that that 20% view rate is normal, the 2% click-through, the 1.5% close-rate. Ultimately, when marketing is done wrong, the result will be negative in the long-term.

Do not waste my time

We value time so much more than we did in the recent past. Seconds are valuable. No one watches TV commercials anymore, because 30 seconds and 15 seconds is time we are unwilling to waste. I bet if you have to wait for a website page to load, screaming may be heard. The marketer with a good product, but a lack of respect for their customers’ time, will not sell their product. Success is found by appealing to the brain AND the heart, and for the long-term.

Thinking Long-Term

If you aren’t thinking of lifetime value, your play only lasts so long. A quick-sale may get you a few bucks now, but lack in long-term customer loyalty. If a person has a bad experience, they will not only going to keep from giving positive feedback, but will spread the word, keeping acquaintances, and their acquaintances, and so forth, from buying. It isn’t about the number of people initially exposed to a product campaign. It’s about the number of people who stay loyal, and then in turn spread that loyalty in their circles of influence. “Marketers, let’s make the conversation about depth, not width.”

Video and Content Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eu7z6U8Jdok