Trust and credibility are the key elements buyers want from their vendor’s websites (Huff Industrial Marketing and KoMarketing 2015 B2B Web Usability Report). How many websites have you visited, and then left immediately because the site didn’t look trust-worthy? How many today?

“Buyers want authenticity in business websites, and the most effective way to create authenticity is to demonstrate trust and credibility.”

There are easy opportunities most organizations and businesses overlook, where they could most effectively create trust and credibility.

Ask yourself if your organization’s site is doing these four things:

  1. Providing Contact Information

According to this 2015 report, over half of the people surveyed said missing contact information was what they noticed most, and 98% of those people said they would leave the website if they didn’t easily find all the contact information they wanted. Advice: Show a real business and a real location, including physical address, phone number and email address. Make this information ridiculously easy to find, be consistent with it’s placement from one webpage to the next, and make navigation easy too.

  1. Providing About You Information

Over half of people surveyed said that About / Company Information was critical to establishing the organization’s credibility. Spend time in developing and telling your company’s story. Provide bios, pictures, histories, and social contact links for team members. Consider a professional photographer to take professional headshots. How professional the images are reflects strongly on how “professional” the business or organization is.

  1. The Right Content in the Right Place

having an engaging social media presence and creating regular blog posts are the are useful strategies, these don’t necessarily translate to credibility. Consider creating white papers and case studies. Leverage customer feedback and create the relevant and fresh content they are asking for.

  1. K.I.S.S

Keep it simple! “Resist the urge to load your site with content and limit it to only what your visitor needs.” Easy navigation and simple and responsive designs are important and helpful, but “will not be enough, so businesses will need to rely more on creating and establishing authenticity to attract and convert visitors.”

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