…More great information on what you need to know to get the most out of your video efforts. Video advertising is expected to grow an additional 38.9% this year, reports Borrell Associates. Are you a part of that growth? If you haven’t seen it yet, check out how to customize a single video to meet the needs of different target audience members.

This Post: How To Customize a Single Video For Multiple Channels

Re-purposing video content for different places should be as important as creating the video in the first place. If you make a video, and expect it to do equally well in all places just by throwing it up there, you are missing the point. Remember that whole put-yourself-in-your-customers’-shoes thing? Think like Your customer? Know your customer? Even that exact one individual will have a different need from your video, depending on the platform he or she is using.

1. The Landing Page Video

This is the video you put on your website, where you control not only length, but ever pixel of color and information that surrounds it on the page. “Here you can have your video be the star, and put as many calls-to-action or redirects as you want,” advises Jon Spenceley of Vidyard. Think, plan and execute carefully for each landing page, so you can make the most of it.

Another thought. Just because you have great video, doesn’t mean people want to watch hours of it. Even if they want to, real life rarely allows for people to spend that kind of time on your business video. Be considerate of people’s time. “Videos on landing pages should be one minute to 1:30 max otherwise people will start to lose interest,” states Spenceley.



2. YouTube Video

Surprise: “YouTube attention spans tend to be a bit shorter (than landing page videos), so maybe break up the campaign into multiple, smaller videos and include annotations as calls-to-action to drive viewers back to your landing page,” says Spenceley. Did you catch that? How short should YouTube Videos for your business be? YouTube Videos should generally be shorter than landing page videos.


3. Other Social Media Channels



Facebook & Twitter: Focus on simple and powerful, short and sweet. “For your social channels, length plays a big role – the shorter the better, and Facebook has the added bonus of stripping out sound unless a user explicitly clicks play,” explains Spenceley.

“If you’re using your social channels as a main driver of views to your video, make sure you’re taking this into consideration before you hit record. What will my video be like if nobody can hear it? Facebook and Twitter also strip out CTAs, so try and include a message at the end of your video to get them back to your landing page.”



Instagram & Vine: “And finally, for super short social networks like Instagram and Vine, use your video as a teaser – take a few hilarious one-liners, or a really meaty fact, and cut this down to the amount of time you have,” continues Spenceley. “Make sure you’re linking back to your original video, otherwise people may not get it!” Don’t bet on feeling lucky, guide your customer exactly where you’d like them to go, each step of the way.

Why Not?

Here are some new places to try, recommended by Stephanie Miles (StreetFight, Inside the Business of Hyperlocal).

  1. Sightly: Localized online video ads for micro-targeted audiences
  2. Eyeview: Online video advertising with location-based personalization
  3. Mixpo: Interactive, multi-screen video campaigns
  4. vADz: Trackable, transactional, searchable video ads
  5. Idomoo: Videos blended with advanced personalization elements


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