The number of customers who buy from you is directly related to how fast your website is. So, how often do you test your website speed? Test your site regularly.  Make sure it is running at top speed.

You’ve Got Help

There are several sources to get your website speed checked. Some are paid and some are free. Let’s look at this example of a Website Speed Test from Pingdom:

081915_website speed


This image of page speeds shows both tests in the morning and evening. There were some strong differences on some days, but the when added all together, the differences were minimal.

“You can also see that when we first ran the test, the site speed was all over the map before settling in at about 2 seconds. 2 seconds is faster than 70% of all other websites tested by Pingdom, so we felt pretty good about that,” explains Jamie Turner , CEO of 60 Second Marketer.

Keep Your Site Optimized

Use super fast, extremely secure hosting service. Do your research, or make sure your website team does solid research to make sure you have quality hosting. “We also use an excellent plugin called W3 Cache to help optimize our performance,” says Turner. “And, of course, we use Yoast to give us additional insights into how our site is optimized for SEO.” Turner and his company spend a lot of time and effort ensuring their website runs smoothly. But why try so hard? Does it really matter?

Check Out This Infographic


(Infographic from

Testing How To’s and What To Look For

This video discusses testing your website speed with these free tools: and

Video Notes:

  • There is always room for improvement.
  • Load time should be between 2-4 seconds.
  • Most websites need to optimize their images. Make sure images are at 72 DPI, not the standard 300 DPI.
  • Enable gzip compression. Talk with your host before you do so.
  • Add Expires headers.
  • Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN).
  • Reduce DNS (domain name server) lookups.
  • First Byte Time is when the page actually starts to load.
  • You want to be at 100 milliseconds or less before your page starts loading.


081915_Two tests

081915_Website speed Bs

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