2015 Content Preferences Survey

Into statistcis? I’m not so much either. But these numbers are just cool. Want to know where advertising, marketing, and better business is going? Read on!

More Detail and Interaction Please

There are dramatic changes in the marketing landscape these past three years. White papers and webinars remain popular for engaging people and drawing them in, great for the early stages of making a purchase. However, buyers want more detailed and industry-specific infographics, videos and interactive content as they make buying decisions. 97% recommended vendors improve the quality of their content, and package related content together (57% felt very strongly about it).

More Content and Variety Please

91% of buyers agree or strongly agree that they prefer more interactive and visual content that can be accessed on demand. Interestingly, less people are feeling overwhelmed by the amount of data available. We are also becoming more comfortable with vast amounts of data, improving our ability to handle more content. Buyers consume a wider variety of content types, depending on where they are at in their decision-making process.

Easier and Faster Please

Buyers want content that is easily digestable. 74% say they have less time to view content than they did a year ago. Another big upward trend is for buyers to rely on peer recommendations and social networks for content. That means that every customer experience will affect the possibility of future customers. Are you in full-swing on social media?

Mobile Friendly Please

No surprise that mobile devices account for 86% (60% report occasional use, up from 37% last year) of accessed content. Is your website mobile-friendly? Even if you aren’t worried about being Google-searched, you should be mindful or your customers’ needs, and those needs are mobile, my friend!

This is the tip of the iceberg in what you can find in this report. If you’d like to check it out, the image and content source is: http://www.demandgenreport.com/industry-resources/research/3141-2015-content-preferences-survey-buyers-value-content-packages-interactive-content-.html#.VVqTCPlViko