Advertising on Facebook is an important part of the success of your company. While advertising on social media may seem tricky, there is actually a method to the madness that will make your advertisements stand out amid the thousands of others, resulting in greater profits for your company. When advertising on social media, you have to flirt to convert. Yes, you must flirt with your potential customers to first lure them in and then, your ultimate goal is to make the sale. Please first allow me to demonstrate how. So many business owners are not courting their customers, and in the end, are not closing the sale.

Once Upon A Time Last Week…

During a walk the other day I stopped briefly to check my Facebook news feed. While there I noticed an ad off to the side for an exercise bike. What really caught my attention was that I found myself curious about this bike even though I am not into exercise bikes or any other type of bikes. That being said, I was captured by the title which read “You’ve never seen a cycle like this! It motivates me in a way home exercise equipment never has before!” Since I am into technology I was interested to learn more about a new piece of exercise equipment. I was looking forward to learning more it and to possibly have my views on exercise bikes changed. This was a decent ad, it had caught my attention, and I wanted more. Upon clicking on the button I found myself looking at a picture of what appeared to be a normal exercise bike with a $2000 dollar price tag and a “BUY NOW” button. No list of features or benefits to convince me that this was new piece of technology and different from any other bike.   Without another thought I left that company’s page.


Meeting Your Audience’s Needs and Wants

People use social media with the intent of socializing, not to make purchases. If you, as a business owner, want to tap into the millions of potential customers on social media, you must be prepared to flirt with the customer in order to convert their interest into a sale. In order to do this, careful planning and execution is necessary – as well as time.

How To

When planning to advertise on Facebook, it is critical to start with clear established goals. What is the one thing that is most important for your business? For most business owners it is the need to be recognized. They desire exposure. When creating your ad remember that a picture is truly worth a thousand words. The old adage, you only have one chance to create a first impression, is still true. What impression or feelings do you want your audience to experience upon seeing your ad? Have you thoroughly put yourself in their shoes? What can you say that will tempt them into wanting more information? Select images and wording carefully. Plan it out and plan it out well. Remember, you do not get a second chance and I first impression.


Be Yourself

It may seem very tempting to appear to be something you are not in order to attract customers, however, you must represent yourself honestly if you hope to build your customer base. The ad for the exercise bike grabbed my attention with a promise that they were about to show me something new, unique and exciting. A piece of technology that would entice me, the person who never sits on any type of bike, to wake up exercise each day. Their initial ad was done well. It had an image and even a quote from USA Today.   However, with the first click, I was faced with the decision of whether or not to purchase the bike based on a picture, which appeared to be as ordinary as the hundreds of exercise bikes already on the market. They provided me no information to back up their claim that this bike was different. There were no links given to allow me to find more information. No contact information for me to use.   At this point the company had lost any chance of gaining my trust, confidence and most definitely, loyalty. When planning your ad, make sure your content, images and text are honest. Remember that you are advertising on social media: While negative publicity is still publicity, you will have greater benefits with positive publicity.

Romance Takes Time

Remember, you must flirt to convert and that can take a little time. As a business owner you know that time is more valuable than money. But remember, to you customers, their money is more valuable to them than their time. You cannot give them a wink and then go in for the kiss, for example. You need to “romance” them a little. Take the time to communicate with your audience. Give them a chance to get to know you by inviting them to click on links that give them an opportunity to learn about your company. Create a space where, from the safety of their home and on their own time, they can comfortably learn more about your product and your company. Invite them to post questions, to leave comments and even feedback. Social media is for socializing- so talk with them! Have great conversations.

Man and woman smiling at each other

Flirt to Convert

Get Serious

Treat every individual with importance. To build trust and customer loyalty with your audience you must remember to check your sites several times a day. I cannot overemphasize how important it is to respond to – and even resolve – these questions and comments. Quick attention instills confidence and trust. Learn from the feedback previous customers have left. Allow for suggestions and really listen to them. You are hearing this advice directly from those you are hoping to attract, so listen to what they have to say. Applying their feedback to improve your company makes your customers happy. It also makes your business better for other customers you will have in the future, which means more income and a better experience for everyone all around.

Keep track of what people say, particularly past customers. Conduct polls. Use the tools each social media site has to make the most of your exposure. Keep people engaged in discussions. “When people feel more involved, they identify more closely with your brand or product.” (Connecting and Courting Customers With Social Media Marketing, LinkedIn SlideShare)

Let Them Know You Are There

Post frequently, several times a day. With millions on Facebook posting frequently is a must. Keeping your name and image out there will increase the chances of attracting new customers while keeping your company on the minds of those who are already familiar with you. You want your ad to be the one that is clicked on. Be everywhere your customers are. Be on all the social media channels you can be, in order to find them.

Carefully Planned For Best Outcomes

By remembering that you need to flirt in order to convert, you will make better decisions to attract the audiences you desire. You will make sure you have carefully outlined your desired goals. You will have each step of your customers’ journey mapped and supported with everything they need along the way. You will have honest and eye-catching ad with strong pictures and text. You will give your audience time getting to know you. You support them by giving them access to downloads, company history, product information and a place to ask questions. In the end you will be able to confidently propose a product that helps them and they will be thrilled with. Not only will it make the sales easier to ask for, but your customer will be looking for your “BUY NOW” button. Time is money but time also produces money. Our next challenge: Use it all wisely.

See the Flirt to Convert Video on YouTube Here.

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