Devoted to ensuring your website has a high “conversion” rate? Who doesn’t want a visitor to become a customer? (Rhetorical question.) The goal is always to increase effectiveness. There are many big and small ways to fine-tune a website, making it easy-to-use and desirable for all who see it.

Website Design & Engineering

  • Simplify your site. It is easy to include too much on a site: Too many pages, too much information, too many pictures. When you focus on what is most important, your customers are able to focus too. Make their experience on your site pleasant and straight-forward. You will be rewarded for it. When asking for opt-in information on forms, including as few fields as possible is critical. Sometimes adding one additional field can decrease your conversion substantially. (Example)
  • Keep conversion elements “above the fold”. Visual access should be easy. No matter how small the additional effort, be cautioned. If your visitors have to scroll, move or click, chances are you are decreasing your conversion.

Website Content

  • Be careful with the headlines you choose. This is the single most important element of your landing page.
  • Write clear and compelling copy that helps your visitors understand your product. Cut the hype.
  • Including guarantees on all purchases has the potential to increase business costs. However, increased sales due to reduced risk (and therefore increased trust) will usually make up for more than any returns.
  • Use strong verbs in your calls-to-action. “Testimonials reduce risk and provide social proof.”
  • Video humanizes your brand, showing there are real people behind the organization.

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