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I’d Rather Move Mountains

“It is amazing how easily someone can dig themselves into a hole. Yet when the same person is expected to move the same amount, as a […]

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How to Mess Up Your Social Media Marketing

Social media is your link to build trust and maintain trust with new customers. Are your marketing efforts in line with your brand? Do all your […]

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Bad Clients & Customers Are YOUR Fault: How To Fix It

What does your audience expect from you? Before they have even been introduced to you, they have expectations of you. Where do these expectations come from? […]

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Influencers: Too Hot, Too Cold, Or Just Right?

“Consumers trust recommendations from a third party more often than a brand itself.” – Kristen Matthews Marketing and Community Manager for GroupHigh Consumers are independent and […]

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Nobody’s Just Gonna Beat A Path To Your Door

There is a difference between being passionate about the business you are in and being emotional about it. Did you know that some people believe the […]

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Neg reviews II

Using Your Customer Complaint Jackpot

Bold announcement: There is no difference between “reputation management,” “marketing,” and “branding.” They are all there to help businesses drive curiosity, build trust, and make people […]

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Building Your Business Reputation From Scratch

When your business is brand new, how do you go about building your reputation? Ultimately, the same steps apply for a brand new business the same […]

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"100% Expert" Cachet (bleu)

9 Steps to Solid Business Branding

Your identity/brand precedes you. Even people who don’t know you yet, already have ideas about you based on what they have seen or heard. Your brand […]

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