Driving on an empty road towards the setting sun to upcoming 2016 and leaving behind old 2015.

SEO: Preparing for 2016

Hello? It’s only half-way through 2015, and you are already talking about next year? Well yes. It’s always good to plan ahead. If you had a […]

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Tag You’re It: Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager “Fast and Flexible Digital Marketing” has been around for 3 years. Have you heard of it? Do you use it? If you have […]

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(Optimization) Lies You Want to Believe

“Is what I’m doing of actual value, or is this just the easy thing to do?” How often do you ask yourself this question? Considering most […]

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Hey Business Owners! Now You Can Fix Your Apple Maps Listing: Do It Now!

With all the excitement going on around the Apple Watch right now it is really easy for a very specific portion of the general public to […]

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Freaking Out About Google Ignoring Your Site Over Mobile Friendliness?

So a little over a week ago I wrote a blog post about Google’s big announcement letting the world know about mobile search results offering ranking […]

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Mobile SEO & Duplicate Content Issues

When mobile search engine optimization even first became a thing, a lot of us SEO nerds worried incessantly about the duplicate content issue. When two different URLs […]

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