Sean Burrows SEO Badass

A Public Image Transition: Badder SEO Badass

I’m changing things up. My career has been good to me, but unless I adjust some things about it, I’m not going to be good to […]

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Forever-Quality SEO

Google updated its algorithm again. Does this news put you into a panic every time? Guess what, Google will continue making changes to it’s search engine […]

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Everyone Has a Plan, Until They Get Punched in the Face

There are people in the business world who are sincerely committed to running a business. Then there those who say they are entrepreneurs, but give up […]

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Stop Fussing Over Your Follower Account

I lose one Instagram follower for every two new ones that I gain. The numbers are even more bleak on Twitter as I continue to refine […]

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7 Reasons Social Media Makes The World A Small Town

In 1962 Disney song writers created a musical piece that could be considered prophetic. According to Wikipedia, “It’s a Small World” is the single most performed […]

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Influencers: Too Hot, Too Cold, Or Just Right?

“Consumers trust recommendations from a third party more often than a brand itself.” – Kristen Matthews Marketing and Community Manager for GroupHigh Consumers are independent and […]

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Marketing Advice from Jesus, Gary Vaynerchuk, & Stephen R. Covey

Want to know a secret that will make your business successful? Treat people well. Not a big secret, I know. Take a step back, though. How […]

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The Ultimate in Google Analytics

Does your analytics involve looking at your social media and counting the number of “likes” you have? While helpful to know (and sometimes fun), this is […]

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