Sean Burrows SEO Badass

A Public Image Transition: Badder SEO Badass

I’m changing things up. My career has been good to me, but unless I adjust some things about it, I’m not going to be good to […]

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Profitable Passion copy

A Profitable Passion

What is your passion? Is it different from what you’re doing? Is your passion meaningful? More-so than your job? Would you like to turn your passion […]

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011816_CR-Excuses-That-Will-KILL-Your-MLM copy

Excusitis: The Disease of Failure

Excuses are not your friend. They aren’t there to help you succeed. They do everything to prevent you from doing so. They are in the gang […]

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Death By Discount

When You Learn How Much You’re Worth, You’ll Stop Giving People Discounts. You have probably heard a salesperson say the equivalent of “To get this sale, […]

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Which Version of Your Business Do You Want People to Know?

Since the beginning of time, humans have been storytelling. Whether is to get out of a sticky situation, or just pure entertainment, we’ve been storytelling since […]

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122815_Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 5.35.57 PM

I’d Rather Move Mountains

“It is amazing how easily someone can dig themselves into a hole. Yet when the same person is expected to move the same amount, as a […]

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122115viewing valley

Before You Hit Bottom-Mental-Capacity

I love those days when my hustle just can’t be stopped. Unfortunately, today is not one of those days. Is productivity a mystery to you too? […]

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121415-whispering-gossip-horizontal-large-gallery copy

Being Anonymous Reveals Who We Really Are

Social media is wonderful in so many ways, one of those being that it promotes a freedom of speech. We prefer that freedom of speech be […]

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