Facebook is Most Popular Social Network For Millenials

Say what? Did I hear you right? I thought Facebook was being spurned by teens. Didn’t I recently write a post on how businesses need to […]

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Lessons Learned From Lemonade Stand CEOs

The entrepreneurial spirit thrives no matter the age of the entrepreneur. How many of us have worked hard to be an example and to teach our […]

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061715_Google_Video Micro Moments_III

Micro-Moments: New Brand Battleground

There is a new marketing landscape. Are we making the most of every moment? Mobile has made a profound impact on how we use our moments. […]

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061615_Customer Life Cycle_I

Marketing: The New Customer Life Cycle

Regardless of whether your clients are other businesses or individual customers, you work with people. Regardless of the business you are in (whether you realize it […]

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Social media apps including WhattsApp, LinkedIn, Twitter, FaceBook, Instagram, SnapChat and Periscope are displayed in a social media folder on the screen of an Apple Inc. iPhone in this arranged photograph taken in London, U.K., on Friday, May, 15, 2015. Facebook Inc. reached a deal with New York Times Co. and eight other media outlets to post stories directly to the social networkÕs mobile news feeds, as publishers strive for new ways to expand their reach. Photographer: Chris Ratcliffe/Bloomberg

It’s Not About You

Subtitle: How Not To Hate Networking. (Are some people simply “naturals” at networking, and the rest should give up and go home? Not hardly.) “Relationships are […]

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Twitter To-Do’s

Twitter doesn’t always take priority in many companies’ social media strategies. Yet the platform is considered by many to be one of the three important “core” […]

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Consumer-Centric Strategy

In Paris yesterday, CEO Alexander Ricard (of Pernod Ricard ) announced to his company “We’re no longer specifically loyal to one single brand, but to a […]

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Secret Code of UX & UI Unveiled

HINT: There is no secret, and no code. Read on for real explanations you can use and apply to your business for success. Have you heard […]

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