Sean Burrows SEO Badass

A Public Image Transition: Badder SEO Badass

I’m changing things up. My career has been good to me, but unless I adjust some things about it, I’m not going to be good to […]

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Profitable Passion copy

A Profitable Passion

What is your passion? Is it different from what you’re doing? Is your passion meaningful? More-so than your job? Would you like to turn your passion […]

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Social Media: Forget Going Wide, Go Deep

Have you noticed that for many businesses, the more they use social media, the more they lose their ability to socialize? How many businesses have you […]

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Without People, Objects Have No Value

The holiday season is the time of year where people buy the most and companies receive the most revenue. But – just like the story of […]

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Feeling the Care (Still Human)

Customers don’t like businesses: they like the people (who are in the business). They like the way they are treated. They like how well their needs […]

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Bad Clients & Customers Are YOUR Fault: How To Fix It

What does your audience expect from you? Before they have even been introduced to you, they have expectations of you. Where do these expectations come from? […]

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Neg reviews II

Using Your Customer Complaint Jackpot

Bold announcement: There is no difference between “reputation management,” “marketing,” and “branding.” They are all there to help businesses drive curiosity, build trust, and make people […]

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Why Being a Hippie Means Good Business

It’s all about the love, man! Love and gratitude, that is. I’m not talking about all the Kumbaya stuff. Hippies got this right: Applying gratitude and […]

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