Unforgettable PR

How does one even begin to create unforgettable PR? Why don’t we start with some goals: Would you like to handle interviews with greater confidence? Perhaps […]

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Stellar Video Marketing

Getting a page-one listing on Google increase by 53% when using video. Harness this powerful tool for getting more visibility, and faster. Get your message out […]

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2015 Content Preferences Survey Into statistcis? I’m not so much either. But these numbers are just cool. Want to know where advertising, marketing, and better business […]

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I Trust You

Trust and credibility are the key elements buyers want from their vendor’s websites (Huff Industrial Marketing and KoMarketing 2015 B2B Web Usability Report). How many websites […]

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Video Marketing With the Midas Touch

Brand managers are rushing to produce video. No wonder, as other trends come and go, online video marketing is constant and growing. However, when it comes […]

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Converted: I Believe!

Devoted to ensuring your website has a high “conversion” rate? Who doesn’t want a visitor to become a customer? (Rhetorical question.) The goal is always to […]

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An EU Court Rules on Your Brain’s Capabilities

…and it’s not flattering. Can you tell the difference between “Sky” and “Skype”? The court doesn’t think you can. You poor brain-limited common person who is […]

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Start With the Why

“Start by explaining the why of your business and you’re more likely to earn loyal fans (ideally, the kind who buy things).” Simon Sinek’s book, ‘Start […]

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