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070315_8 Social Media Habits to Boost SEO_I

8 Social Media Habits to Boost SEO

Good ‘Ol SEO. Is it your friend or foe? Of course we all want to rank higher in search engines. If you happen to have social […]

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070215_Influencer Marketing Hoffman

Tapping Into the Power of an Influencer

Do you know the value of influencer marketing? Maybe we should start with this first: What is this “influencer marketing”? Ana Hoffman [excellent writer] of Big […]

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Your Maxxed Facebook Business Page

Have a Facebook Business Page because you feel obligated to? So you’ve heard the platform has over 1.440 billion monthly active users, right? Who wouldn’t want […]

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Lessons Learned From Lemonade Stand CEOs

The entrepreneurial spirit thrives no matter the age of the entrepreneur. How many of us have worked hard to be an example and to teach our […]

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Hey Sean! What Kind of Marketing Do You Focus On?

I had a question the other day on Twitter from @bearfiles. He says “Hi Sean, great to connect with ya man. What aspect of internet marketing […]

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nic-story 3-2

A Marketing Map To a Better Bottom Line

The “Gut Feel”. A magical place in the minds of some marketers. The best marketers are proactively zeroing in on the who-what-where-when-why-how equation. They know customers’ […]

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Parallax (One Page) Websites & SEO In 2015

How does website page count affect your search engine rankings? I received a question today on Facebook in one of the groups I belong to that’s […]

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5 Brain Insights That Give Marketers an Edge

Marketers need to know brain science. Not that they have to go to medical school, but there are some major insights to how the brain works […]

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