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SEO & Voice Search Marketing

You know all the concern with being mobile-friendly and mobile-ready? Add this to your “urgent” list: Voice is just as important as mobile. Just as urgently […]

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Video Challenges and How To Overcome Them

Video, when done well, can draw more emotional response than any other marketing medium. Take that video and anchor it in comprehensive marketing strategy, and opportunities […]

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Snapchat … For Business?

Snapchat got a bad rap back when it was new. The media platform, known for it’s disappearing messages, led to some people used it for sexting. […]

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Driving on an empty road towards the setting sun to upcoming 2016 and leaving behind old 2015.

SEO: Preparing for 2016

Hello? It’s only half-way through 2015, and you are already talking about next year? Well yes. It’s always good to plan ahead. If you had a […]

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"100% Expert" Cachet (bleu)

9 Steps to Solid Business Branding

Your identity/brand precedes you. Even people who don’t know you yet, already have ideas about you based on what they have seen or heard. Your brand […]

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The Lost Art of Cold Calling

…The skills you gain from cold calling – the right way – are relationship-building skills, and every business needs them… Jayna Cooke, contributor to Forbes, concentrates […]

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Does My Business Need A Mobile App?

Perspective: Twelve+ years ago most businesses asked the question, “Does my business need a website?” Daniel Cristo sat in a college class for web design. A […]

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9 Steps to Easy SMS Marketing

If you are new to SMS marketing, this kind of marketing may seem complex. Actually, this mobile communication is quite immediate and affordable. It is a […]

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