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Marketing Lessons Learned in Kindergarten

Marketing is ever changing and evolving. There is so much to learn, and there is always something new. In spite of the challenges, there are foundations […]

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The Invisible Marketing Experience: You Know You Want It

When it comes to user experience, we want our customers to have the best. Good experiences translate into customer loyalty, greater word of mouth advertising, and […]

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Goal: Top Website Speed (& How To Test It)

The number of customers who buy from you is directly related to how fast your website is. So, how often do you test your website speed? […]

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The Ultimate in Google Analytics

Does your analytics involve looking at your social media and counting the number of “likes” you have? While helpful to know (and sometimes fun), this is […]

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The Dumbest Move On Social Media

Inc. Live, Inc. Magazine’s YouTube channel, invterviews Gary Vaynerchuk. The following is some of the best advice from the video. Q: What is the dumbest move […]

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Bullying in Business

… why bullies do they do what they do, what their motives are, who they target, and what to do about it… I have a serious […]

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Your Marketing Humor For the Day

For your viewing leisure, enjoy these marketing video satires and accompanying “lessons”. 1. Quote: “The task has been set and the task is plain and clear.” […]

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5 Ways to Get Customer Reviews

One of the most powerful trust signals you can use on your website and in your marketing campaigns is from customer testimonials. This includes “landing pages, […]

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