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Why Being a Hippie Means Good Business

It’s all about the love, man! Love and gratitude, that is. I’m not talking about all the Kumbaya stuff. Hippies got this right: Applying gratitude and […]

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092915_Price life death_ii

Why Charging the Right Price is Life or Death

Why is charging the right price in a service-based business is so important? The right price ultimately determines your business success or failure. In my video […]

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Negative reviews

Reputation Management & Negative Business Reviews

In today’s business world, online reputation is everything. Your company’s reputation is ready to be written, and if you don’t write it, someone else will. Business […]

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Marketing Advice from Jesus, Gary Vaynerchuk, & Stephen R. Covey

Want to know a secret that will make your business successful? Treat people well. Not a big secret, I know. Take a step back, though. How […]

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Media Signpost Shows Internet Television Newspapers Magazines And Radio

Authority and Credibility: Getting REAL Publicity for Your Brand

It is absolutely crucial that you get those with established authority and credibility talking about your business and your brand! A long time ago, in a […]

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Your Business Reputation Needs Help

Businesses can sometimes come under fire online. Is yours? People can use sites like Yelp, Google Plus and Facebook – to name a few – to […]

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Flirt to Convert

Advertising on Facebook is an important part of the success of your company. While advertising on social media may seem tricky, there is actually a method […]

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“Make It Viral” Is Not A Marketing Plan

Of course you want your marketing to have high impact and far reach. You want your work and efforts to reach the stars. Great! Simply saying […]

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