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Why You Should Fire Clients

I went through a time when I thought I deserved to be treated better than one or two of my “bad” clients seemed to treat me. […]

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Bad Clients & Customers Are YOUR Fault: How To Fix It

What does your audience expect from you? Before they have even been introduced to you, they have expectations of you. Where do these expectations come from? […]

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7 Reasons Social Media Makes The World A Small Town

In 1962 Disney song writers created a musical piece that could be considered prophetic. According to Wikipedia, “It’s a Small World” is the single most performed […]

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Influencers: Too Hot, Too Cold, Or Just Right?

“Consumers trust recommendations from a third party more often than a brand itself.” – Kristen Matthews Marketing and Community Manager for GroupHigh Consumers are independent and […]

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Nobody’s Just Gonna Beat A Path To Your Door

There is a difference between being passionate about the business you are in and being emotional about it. Did you know that some people believe the […]

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Ad Battleground News: Consumers Are Winning

Ads are everywhere. In magazines, newspapers, flyers, on billboards, TV, and radio. They have multiplied like a family of rabbits. Of course there are ads on […]

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Using Your Customer Complaint Jackpot

Bold announcement: There is no difference between “reputation management,” “marketing,” and “branding.” They are all there to help businesses drive curiosity, build trust, and make people […]

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Building Your Business Reputation From Scratch

When your business is brand new, how do you go about building your reputation? Ultimately, the same steps apply for a brand new business the same […]

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