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I’d Rather Move Mountains

“It is amazing how easily someone can dig themselves into a hole. Yet when the same person is expected to move the same amount, as a […]

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Before You Hit Bottom-Mental-Capacity

I love those days when my hustle just can’t be stopped. Unfortunately, today is not one of those days. Is productivity a mystery to you too? […]

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Being Anonymous Reveals Who We Really Are

Social media is wonderful in so many ways, one of those being that it promotes a freedom of speech. We prefer that freedom of speech be […]

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Without People, Objects Have No Value

The holiday season is the time of year where people buy the most and companies receive the most revenue. But – just like the story of […]

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Everyone Has a Plan, Until They Get Punched in the Face

There are people in the business world who are sincerely committed to running a business. Then there those who say they are entrepreneurs, but give up […]

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Stop Fussing Over Your Follower Account

I lose one Instagram follower for every two new ones that I gain. The numbers are even more bleak on Twitter as I continue to refine […]

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Feeling the Care (Still Human)

Customers don’t like businesses: they like the people (who are in the business). They like the way they are treated. They like how well their needs […]

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How to Mess Up Your Social Media Marketing

Social media is your link to build trust and maintain trust with new customers. Are your marketing efforts in line with your brand? Do all your […]

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