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Content Marketing & SEO

High quantities of high quality content is probably the most important aspect when it comes to search engine optimization. In fact, it is the most important aspect […]

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Google Will Add Mobile-Friendly Elements To Ranking Factors

Being mobile friendly just became a serious consideration for anyone looking to rank in Google after April 21, 2015. According to an announcement this morning on […]

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Optimizing Apple Maps For Small Businesses

When we think of SEO, and getting businesses found in any kind of online search, Google et al is the go to consideration, and very little […]

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A Summary of the 2014 US Google SEO Ranking Factors & Rank Correlations Study by Searchmetrics

This is my take on and a summary of what I found to be especially useful and informative in last week’s study put out by Searchmetrics […]

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Social SEO: Optimizing for Facebook Graph Search

Ever since Facebook became mainstream in 2008 / 2009, I’ve cringed every time people have proclaimed that “SEO is dead” and that social media is the […]

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Google Authorship Has Closed

You have probably heard by now that Google has shut down its Authorship program. This shouldn’t come as a huge surprise to those who have closely […]

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SEO Badass?

This is a blog post I’ve been debating internally about publishing for a month because I don’t want anyone to know about this cool little piece […]

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Mobile SEO & Duplicate Content Issues

When mobile search engine optimization even first became a thing, a lot of us SEO nerds worried incessantly about the duplicate content issue. When two different URLs […]

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