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The Best From the Marketing Info Fire Hose

How do you recognize good marketing information? You have likely noticed the fire hose of information available. So what is worth applying to your business? If […]

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Risky Attraction

No snake oil salesmen here. “Life itself is a risk, and sometimes it takes even more risk to make life and business more successful.” Niel Patel’s […]

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Perfect Tips For Perfect Marketing Results

See any red flags? I recently stumbled upon this article and couldn’t resist commenting, even though the original was posted a couple months back. The site […]

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Facebook’s Status as King of the Social Hill

Are we reaching our target market, or are we throwing money at Facebook like a Vegas newbie? Reports show Facebook’s pull of advertising spending is reported […]

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Real Men Don’t Eat Quiche…

… is the title of an actual book published in 1982. David Holland’s LinkedIn article uses this title too, (along with a link to the book) […]

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Hey Business Owners! Now You Can Fix Your Apple Maps Listing: Do It Now!

With all the excitement going on around the Apple Watch right now it is really easy for a very specific portion of the general public to […]

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Hey Business Owners! Google’s Trying to End Search With Their Knowledge Graph Feature

“But Sean,” you might ask, “Why would the most powerful search engine in the world want to end the very thing they do?” That is a […]

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Freaking Out About Google Ignoring Your Site Over Mobile Friendliness?

So a little over a week ago I wrote a blog post about Google’s big announcement letting the world know about mobile search results offering ranking […]

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