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Loyalty Marketing Tool: Live Streaming

One-fifth of marketers are planning on using live-streaming apps like Periscope and Meercat in their campaigns this year (Greenlight Research). Are you? Launched only 8 weeks […]

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Unforgettable PR

How does one even begin to create unforgettable PR? Why don’t we start with some goals: Would you like to handle interviews with greater confidence? Perhaps […]

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Marketing for Superheroes

Consumerism and ethics. Think the two don’t need to be juxtaposed? Can brands ignore “marketing for good” or treat it “simply as a cosmetic PR exercise”? […]

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Facebook’s Atlas Marketing: Cool or Creepy?

Is seeing an ad for something you want like a magic portal that instantly brings what is needed? Does it make the buying experience easier to […]

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Stellar Video Marketing

Getting a page-one listing on Google increase by 53% when using video. Harness this powerful tool for getting more visibility, and faster. Get your message out […]

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Most Progressive, Conscientious & Connected Generation

Meet Gen Z. “Ethically minded”, “digitally savvy” and more inspired by activists like Malala than pop singers like Beyonce, reports The Innovation Group by J. Walter […]

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2015 Content Preferences Survey Into statistcis? I’m not so much either. But these numbers are just cool. Want to know where advertising, marketing, and better business […]

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SEO Invitation & Website Design Party

What is more important, design or search engine optimization (SEO)? I’m all for asking stupid questions, and here’s and answer for this one: “Design vs. SEO” […]

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