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How To Get Picked Up By Traditional Media

When you have an effective combination of social media, search engine optimization, and public relations, you will get synergistic results. Like a great pizza, the combination […]

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Tag You’re It: Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager “Fast and Flexible Digital Marketing” has been around for 3 years. Have you heard of it? Do you use it? If you have […]

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Exclusive 2015 SEO Client Case Study

I have a really exciting client case study to share with you. We’re talking about the combination of search engine optimization, social media, and public relations […]

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Consumer-Centric Strategy

In Paris yesterday, CEO Alexander Ricard (of Pernod Ricard ) announced to his company “We’re no longer specifically loyal to one single brand, but to a […]

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Content People Love To Share: Yours

“Lookuphere! Lookuphere!” I don’t mean the ¡Three Amigos!, I mean the purpose of content marketing. Content marketing is attracting attention, turning it into engagement, which leads […]

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On Target: The Right Customer

“But my audience is everybody!” The more potential customers, the better, right? Uh, NO. If your approach is “everyone”, then you have not done near enough […]

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Secret Code of UX & UI Unveiled

HINT: There is no secret, and no code. Read on for real explanations you can use and apply to your business for success. Have you heard […]

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Crushing It Online With Press Releases in 2015

In this particular video, I brought on an expert to talk about press releases. Doug Brown is from We work with Doug a lot. We […]

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