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15Mil To Use Your Instagram Pics

Images businesses use on social media channels are about to change: businesses are going to use YOUR pictures. And, it’s going to be a big moneymaker […]

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Advice From Gary Vaynerchuck

… entrepreneur, investor, author, public speaker, and internet personality. Play to Your Strengths Everyone has different strengths. I say I have high EQ (also known as […]

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Business Story, the Life and Soul

Does a company need to send out soulless and boring content to be professional? On the contrary: All the content and the story give a business […]

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You REALLY Don’t Need To Worry About #Mobilegeddon

If you haven’t heard, on April 21st 2015, Google is going to exclude your website from mobile searches if it’s not mobile friendly. There’s really nothing […]

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Pinterest: Marketing Wave or Tsunami?

“If you can dream it, it’s on a Pinterest board.” Are you on Pinterest? Are your customers? Is your business on Pinterest? 47 million people strong […]

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061715_Google_Video Micro Moments_III

Micro-Moments: New Brand Battleground

There is a new marketing landscape. Are we making the most of every moment? Mobile has made a profound impact on how we use our moments. […]

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Vital Video Production Planning

“We need video,” you say, “Ok. Got it. I read it on Sean’s blog, so lets do one and stick it up on the website. Then […]

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061615_Customer Life Cycle_I

Marketing: The New Customer Life Cycle

Regardless of whether your clients are other businesses or individual customers, you work with people. Regardless of the business you are in (whether you realize it […]

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