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A Public Image Transition: Badder SEO Badass

I’m changing things up. My career has been good to me, but unless I adjust some things about it, I’m not going to be good to […]

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Forever-Quality SEO

Google updated its algorithm again. Does this news put you into a panic every time? Guess what, Google will continue making changes to it’s search engine […]

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Profitable Passion copy

A Profitable Passion

What is your passion? Is it different from what you’re doing? Is your passion meaningful? More-so than your job? Would you like to turn your passion […]

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Happier Families… Better Bottom Line?

I’m happy to announce my family has just expanded with a new addition! Not only am I a proud husband and dad, I love supporting and […]

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Social Media: Forget Going Wide, Go Deep

Have you noticed that for many businesses, the more they use social media, the more they lose their ability to socialize? How many businesses have you […]

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011816_CR-Excuses-That-Will-KILL-Your-MLM copy

Excusitis: The Disease of Failure

Excuses are not your friend. They aren’t there to help you succeed. They do everything to prevent you from doing so. They are in the gang […]

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Death By Discount

When You Learn How Much You’re Worth, You’ll Stop Giving People Discounts. You have probably heard a salesperson say the equivalent of “To get this sale, […]

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Which Version of Your Business Do You Want People to Know?

Since the beginning of time, humans have been storytelling. Whether is to get out of a sticky situation, or just pure entertainment, we’ve been storytelling since […]

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