…And it’s tasting good to marketers. Heard of Bitly? If you haven’t, you’ve definitely seen them. Unless you live under a rock, i.e., don’t use a computer or a mobile phone, that is. Bitly is likely the most recognizable link-shortening service (“Bitlinks”) on the web. Used Twitter lately, for example? Bitly reports it’s shortening 800 million links per month, leading to 10 billion clicks from 2 billion individuals. Bitly’s new tool, “Audience Intel” is taking that data and sorting it out.

Here are the questions Bitly is answering: What device is being used, Mobile or Desktop? What social networks are hot for specific content and brands? What is the best time of day for audience engagement with a particular brand?

Bitly also features a deep-linking function, “letting marketers create links that takes a user to a specific place within a mobile app, such as an article or video.” This is helpful to mobile users as well as marketers. Bitly also has a new tagging tool designed to make it easier to group and search through accumulated Bitlinks. (See linked article: Bitly replaces ‘bundles’ with “tags” to help you sort your shortened links.)

Keep an eye on this company and it’s growing arsenal of tools for marketers. Heck, let’s dive in deeper. Are “Audience Intel” and Bitly’s other tools beneficial for your organization?


Content and Image Source: http://venturebeat.com/2015/05/20/bitly-launches-audience-intel-to-give-marketers-more-data-on-how-content-is-shared/