Authority and Credibility: Getting REAL Publicity for Your Brand

It is absolutely crucial that you get those with established authority and credibility talking about your business and your brand!

A long time ago, in a time called “the 90s,” my first career endeavor was to be a professional drummer, and when I was in music school a professor told me something that I’ll never forget:

“If you want to be a good musician, practice. If you want to be a famous musician, advertise.”

He was absolutely right!

Think about it, have you ever heard a terrible song on the radio, and wonder how that person got a recording contract (let alone radio air time)? Or have you ever been to small club and seen amazing musicians who you know will never be famous?

I like thinking big, so I thought, “I want both.” I want to be good at what I do, AND be well known for it. I would be doing the world a disservice if I didn’t do everything I could to share what I have. And to be able to effectively share, I need credibility. The same goes for you!

What makes someone a credible expert? Mostly, the endorsement of others. Yeah, knowing something about your topic is important, but even more important is that initial first impression and endorsement by trusted sources. That’s 90% of the game. After that it is just your job to deliver, or to not screw it up! When your public first encounters you and your brand, and they are deciding if they want to know you better, your reputation is what gives prospects that final pull towards interest and loyalty.

Merely talking about yourself and publishing it on social media has its limitations. There is so much opportunity to make more out of what you have already going for you. For example, you can leverage websites that have a lot of authority and credibility by guest publishing articles, or getting covered by the media. When you leverage these high authority sites, you can actually get serious traction to:

  • Build your brand.
  • Leverage the prestige of these sites to get more trusting eyes on your content.
  • Other media outlets and influeners will approach you and ask you [the expert] for input or content.
  • Tap into major media sites’ audiences, while driving your products and services.
  • Be in a position to offer service to clients who will happily pay more for the privilege to work with you.
  • Grow a huge social media presence.
  • Leverage instant traffic on command to generate leads or sales.
  • Build massive authority and trust links to your pages and website which of course solidify your search engine rankings. (That’s right, you don’t need to worry about SEO anymore when you hit this level).

Simply put, once authority status is reached, your can dramatically amplify your message and convert your new audience into higher paying clients and customers than you are currently likely able to. Leveraging the biggest media sites in the world helps you become a trusted source of content to the sources that the public turns to. With this kind of trust, you influence the influencers. 091715_Credibility I

You Already Have Your Beginning

If you are a business owner with even the smallest track record, you are already an expert on some level. You are in the trenches all day everyday making it all happen! You are not only an expert with information, you are an expert at a deeper level because you are a practitioner of what you know. This usually means you know way more than you think you do and that makes you very valuable. The challenge is to effectively advertise yourself as an authority. To improve your expert positioning, use strategies that include highlighting:

  • Media appearances.
  • Your published books, and
  • Your content that solidifies you as an “educator and advocate for the success of your prospects and customers.”

Anything that you can do that will provide instant proof to a prospect that you are more qualified than your competitors, will be the tipping point that draws your market (and purchasing customers) towards you.

Like No One Else

You control your own business’ story when you position yourself as an authoritative expert. You influence the growth of your business when you use top media. You also accelerate your market influence.

Like Nothing Else

Your current customers (and potential customers alike) are always actively gauging your value to them in relation to your competitors. Having your business featured in top tier trusted sources like national media sets you apart. Featuring your strengths and story through media this way helps you like nothing else can.


Next Up: Getting Media Coverage

Is your product, service, or industry even exciting enough to warrant any coverage or to attract any kind of attention?

How do you make yourself interesting enough to be wanted?

Who do you reach out to?

What types of media are the best to work with?

How do you get someone in the media to even want to talk about you?

What if you could get coverage by some of the most respected media sites in the world? If you were able to have THAT kind of access to top influencers, imagine what you could do with it. You could “write your own ticket” and move yourself and your business into expert authority and positioning in WHATEVER industry you are in.


Frontier Challenge

Know a business owner that doesn’t want top tier media attention? Yes, I know a few myself. You know the direction their business is going, too. A business is either growing or shrinking, expanding or dying. Being a business owner is one of constant new frontiers. If this is a new frontier for you, I welcome and challenge you: Set yourself and your business apart from the rest of your competition by leveraging yourself as a media authority.

Maybe Someday

Are you waiting for media to come calling and asking for you? Dreaming the days months and years away? Or, are you seeking top media out, enticing them with the rich value you provide?

A Few How-To’s

Recommendations on how to get featured in media:

  • Find the right media outlets for your business.
  • Approach local papers and magazines. Community newspapers are more likely to take on new writers, so this may be a good place to start.
  • Approach them on writing articles for specific topics (of which you are an expert).
  • Establish your voice and “writing chops” in blogs. Then step-ladder your way up to bigger and bigger ones.
  • Always include your professional bio, which is featured in all your published articles.

Make sure you are featured. No matter the business you are in, you can benefit from great media exposure. Here are some examples of businesses already benefitting from getting featured in media.

  • Brick and mortar businesses in any industry or location
  • Online or internet-based
  • Professional services
  • Specialized professions (Lawyers, Consultants, etc.)
  • Speakers, authors, coaches, trainers
  • Companies who create either physical or digital products
  • Any software or service-related business
  • And, of course, many more.

On The Hook

In all honesty, editors and producers don’t care what you do or how good you are. What they want is a story. A good one with lots of “hooks”. Editors and producers are always looking for holiday stories with fresh angles (hint hint). 091715_joliofb8

A Restaurant Example

Mix with food. (Editors and Producers love to eat.) Choose a funky name for your new recipe. (Make it memorable.) Teach a class or provide a demonstration, and make it a community event. (The more people, the better.) Offer a discount for the holiday. (Double the holiday points.) This formula, by Loolwa Khazzoom, Journalist for the Huffington Post, is tried and true. Doing your own media keeps costs down, gives you press endorsements, raises your credentials, and builds your business. Once you have that top media outlet listed in your bio or on your website, you have it for life. You have earned the authority in your field and the credibility that sustains a strong business.

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