Good ‘Ol SEO. Is it your friend or foe? Of course we all want to rank higher in search engines. If you happen to have social media accounts, I have good news. You can use your social media to boost your search rankings.

Link Happy

Google likes links. Keep in mind that long gone are the days when just any link would do. People figured that out fast and started manipulating it. No more. Google is more refined in it’s tastes now. It prefers quality. In fact, people who try to fake likes and links are penalized with lower SEO rankings, not just by Google, but by Facebook too.

  1. Diamond Quality

What do I mean by quality? Links that have social significance. People visit them and find them useful. “Links on social media are often considered higher-quality links, because social sites have a high web authority from the get-go. Even if your Facebook page is new, it’s likely to rank highly (and maybe even surpass your website) thanks to Facebook’s overall high authority,” writes Ana Gotter of Social Media Examiner. “High quality” followers are the fans who actually see, like, heart, comment and follow your posts on your social media channels. They interact and engage with you in one way or another. The repin, retweet, send you a tweet, place reviews, and all the fun interaction that we like to do online with the people, groups and businesses we care about. These social signals have big impact on SEO.

  1. Put Your Website Address Everywhere

First very important task: include working links to your website in your posts and also every social profile you have. It will build traffic to your site, and it’s a valuable part of link building.

  1. Even Kindergarteners Know You Should Share

When you post content to your blog and social profiles, encourage sharing. Embed a YouTube video and capitalize on the high web authority that YouTube has, all the while increasing traffic to your site. Be nice to your business and encourage a happy sharing environment.

  1. Out of Sight, Out of Mind

How often you post on your social media counts too. Post regular, meaningful information. Recommends Gotter, “So, make sure you’re steadily gaining a solid base of followers that are interacting with you and your content, and encourage them to share, engage and interact with you.”

  1. Know Your Options

Insuring your content is sharable and searchable is valuable. Pinterest is a great social media platform that makes its content both searchable and sharable. “Pinterest encourages sharing to a great extent. Users post pins they like to their boards, and share them with other Pinterest users,” explains Gotter.

070315_8 Social Media Habits to Boost SEO_II

“Many social accounts give you the option of keeping your content private, or relatively so. On YouTube, you can have unlisted videos, and only people who have links to the videos can watch them. Pinterest allows secret boards, and Twitter gives you the option to have a private profile.”

  1. Know Your Options

Facebook provides for many options of privacy and share-ability. You can make your posts searchable in search engines. “To do this, go to your Facebook privacy settings and enable the option Do You Want Other Search Engines to Link to Your Timeline?, shown here,” Gotter explains how.

070315_8 Social Media Habits to Boost SEO_III

The more people see your posts, the more it can be shared. Encourage sharing (like contests through Facebook), and it will boost your SEO too.

  1. Classy Keyword Content

Keywords have been around a long time, so you are probably familiar with them. They are important in your social content, just as they are important to your blog, website and paid ad campaigns. Using keywords in Pinterest and YouTube is a big help. Even well worded Facebook posts can maximize keywords naturally without inhibiting the content.

  1. On The List

Does your business have a local listing on Google+? If not, make sure it gets there. Include your address and other contact info. Companies can directly review your business on Google, which is a big deal: (Gotter) “Google recommends businesses with the highest reviews first.” Enable Facebook locations too. This will really help your local SEO.

The Wrap

Leveraging your SEO by making the most of your social media links is good marketing. Boost your social media practices by linking your website to all your social media, link your website to your posts, grow a quality follower base on your social media, and make your content easy to find and easy to pass on. Use keywords in your posts (without being annoying), and make sure your business is listed by address and contact info on Google+, Facebook and any other social network that provides a place to do so.


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