So at this point you know everything about mobile marketing and have everything running smoothly. Oh you don’t? You still have questions: How do I get more leads from mobile? How do I increase engagement? Why is mobile marketing so complex? How do I calculate mobile advertisement ROI? How do I increase website traffic?

You aren’t alone. Chances are your competitors are still trying to figure it out too. I have good news: The 2015 Mobile Marketing Research Report and Action Plan, by AWeber Email Marketing Delivered and 60 Second Marketer has clarification. It’s an excellent tool to help you see and understand the mobile marketplace, know how to make plans for your business, and know what to do to begin implementing those plans.

There is a sense of urgency about implementing mobile marketing. We want to learn everything we can to best drive sales and revenues for business via mobile platforms. Here is what 500 people had to say via surveys taken recently over 4 weeks:


All marketers surveyed use mobile marketing, but most are new. Over 50% have had less than a year of marketing experience in mobile. 75% have less than two years experience. Even though we have been talking about mobile for many years, it has only been recently that mobile has been accepted and applied in both large and small companies all around.

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Improvement Needed

Are your current mobile marketing strategies and activities good? Almost half say they are somewhat or completely satisfied. One-third could go either way. About one-fifth are not happy.

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Bumps in The Road… Or a Wall or Two

Where do we even begin? Mobile marketing has many interacting parts to consider. The struggle with complexity matches (one-third each) the struggle to find time to develop campaigns for businesses surveyed. Budget is the next in line for concerns at 15%.

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What To Do, What To Do

How does your business market itself with mobile? Three quarters of people surveyed reported their website is their primary resource. One-third use mobile display banner ads. One-quarter use Short Message Service and/or Multimedia Message Service. (These allow brands to send texts or media like graphics, video, audio, etc.) Also on the list are QR codes, mobile video, in-app advertising, mobile paid search, location-based services, branded apps and “other”. Survey says, “Respondents indicated that they will increase their use of mobile websites, mobile display ads, and apps in the future. They also reported that they’re unlikely to increase their use of location based marketing services and QR codes.” Check out the survey for definitions and details on this list.

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I Got Priorities

Of all the ways to market via mobile, over half select their mobile website as being the most important for their business.

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Ready or Not

Is your website optimized for mobile visitors? 67% nod yes. Well done! On the flip-side, one-fifth don’t even know the answer to this question.

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I Foresee Your Future

071515_Mobile Marketing_VII

Websites, apps and mobile display ads are growing and will continue to do so.


Can you measure it? How effective are your mobile marketing campaigns? Almost a third are confident in their effective marketing. 40% report they cannot measure, and almost a third don’t know. That is lot of unknowns for so much effort and resources. Do you know what’s missing?

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Mobile Value

The value of mobile and returns are many. What are your expectations for benefits? Survey says: “We wants to know where marketers see the single greatest benefit from their mobile marketing efforts. The results showed that most marketers see increased traffic to their website and increased exposure for their company as the greatest benefits. 21% of marketers saw lead generation as the greatest benefit.”

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“Many businesses turn to digital marketing agencies or email service providers to help them navigate the world of mobile,” says the report. No matter how you approach this territory, it is good to “have a marketing roadmap to give you a sense of the path ahead.”

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  1. Get your website mobile and responsive.
  2. Send mobile-friendly email. (The majority of email opens are mobile.)
  3. Take and use all the good stuff from your competitors. Note what isn’t working too, and avoid that.
  4. To understand it, USE it. Test out clicking mobile banner ads. Use voice searches. Scan QR codes.
  5. If you have a retail business, register it with Foursquare, Yelp, Scoutmob, Moz Local and other location-based services. Getting found “local” is critical for your business relationships long-term.
  6. You don’t have to break the bank to run a mobile marketing campaign. Check out Google, yahoo and Bing for pricing for your business size.
  7. Most people are familiar with SMS. American Red Cross and American Idol use it well. Check out SUMOTEXT and EZ Texting.
  8. You have great creative and targeting options when running mobile display campaigns. Some of the best mobile ad networks are 4INFO, Aarki, Millenial Media and Google Display Ad Network.
  9. Apps keep current and prospective customers engaged with your brand. Create a native app for your business. More engaged = more buy.

There is no standing still in marketing. Get your plan, go mobile and get active.

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Images and Content Source: 2015 Mobile Marketing Research Report and Action Plan, by AWeber Email Marketing Delivered and 60 Second Marketer. (The report is free when you sign up at 60 Second Marketer.)